Satsang: The True Rebellion Webinar

Awakened teacher Vishrant hosts weekly Satsang webinars for seekers interested in higher consciousness and enlightenment.
Satsang: The True Rebellion Webinar


Join Vishrant in Satsang on an Interactive Live Webinar.

Vishrant speaks topics that help seekers see their mind more clearly, raise their consciousness levels and support ongoing enlightenment. These webinars are Q&A based and all seekers are welcome.

Having guided spiritual seekers for more than 23 years, Vishrant paves a direct path to freedom through Meditation, Self Enquiry and The Way of the Heart. Satsang allows you to tune into beingness in the energetic presence of enlightenment and discover your true nature, the pure awareness that is untouched and unchanged.

The True Rebellion Series, Satsang with Vishrant is run by donation. Any contribution is greatly appreciated and is put towards making these teachings available for those who seek truth and enlightenment. Donations can be made at


Ask questions about higher consciousness & enlightenment

Interact directly with awakened teacher Vishrant

Become more conscious of your mind's workings

Gain clarity and insight in Satsang

Find out how to prepare the mind for enlightenment

Learn to accept, let go and surrender


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