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Yoga Instructor

Restful Waters Practitioner:


Rebecca has completed 400hrs of yoga teacher training in Hatha/Vinyasa and Yin styles of yoga. She has been committed to her practice since her second child was born in 2014, starting with a postnatal yoga program.

Rebecca was first aware of the physical health benefits of yoga, stretch, strength, flexibility, and balance as well as restoration for the bodies nervous systems but after not long her curiosity deepened for the understanding of the deeper layers of yoga.

Rebecca found that yoga can assist in keeping a sense of equanimity as we move through life’s challenges, and she found it profoundly life changing through her husbands cancer journey and then her own in 2017.

Rebecca believes the practice of yoga teachers many life lessons that we can take from the mat out into the world to implement in creating a more centred and connected life. We then find that the yoga mat can become a personal sanctuary for self-development, self-exploration and self-love/acceptance, a place to nurture and recharge from the outside experience.

Rebecca is passionate about self-care and encourages participants to focus and connect with themselves, their experience in their yoga practice in any way that they are needing on that day. Rebecca is dedicated to facilitating classes that are open for each participant to experience yoga in their own way.

“Yoga has so much to offer everyone, not only the physical benefits but the connection back to Self, a feeling of wholeness, self-acceptance and self-love which inspires wellbeing and a more balanced/calmer life”

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