Lynda Rose

Pilates Instructor

Restful Waters Practitioner:


Lynda was introduced to Pilates when she was experiencing long term & severe lower back pain. Pilates resolved her back pain issues and allowed her to take on new adventures that included cycling, hiking, more time in nature, and spending quality time with her family.

Lynda has a vast amount of experience with a Cert 4 in Personal training, a Bachelor of Nutrition, a Certified CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach, and has worked as a Doula with Afghani women. Working now with refugee women was a time of learning not only about birth but also about the richness of differing cultures.

It is Lynda’s passion to encourage a journey of discovery with her clients. It is her belief that ageing does not need to be filled with aching, tired bodies. Lynda encourages her clients of all ages to feel stronger, have more energy and experience reductions in pain. “Look after your body, keep it moving, enjoy Pilates, feed your body well with good nutrition, and feel the benefits for yourself.” – Lynda