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build mobility, balance & a body less prone to pain

Pilates Classes

Our Pilates classes in the serene Perth hills will lengthen and strengthen all the major muscle groups in the body, with a focus on the pelvic floor and core muscles.

Pilates classes activate and develop muscles in the body that allow it to move in healthy and functional ways, that are preventative of injury.

Many people find Pilates classes are part of their pathway to a pain-free body. Through the precise and deliberate movement of Pilates classes, you can bring yourself into the present moment, take a rest from the busyness of your mind and create longevity for your body.

The Benefits of Pilates

Reduced stress

Improvements in your posture

Reduced stress

Boosted mood from the endorphin release of physical activity

Reduced stress

Reduced stress & tension as you mindfully pair movements with the breath

Reduced stress

Stronger pelvic floor muscles which can help to improve urinary incontinence

Reduced stress

Better back health by strengthening and moving the muscles around your spine

Reduced stress

Increased mental health by joining our established Pilates community

Mat Pilates

Mat classes use small props and body-weight resistance exercises to develop flexibility, spinal mobility, balance and stability. Mat Pilates classes are low-impact, performed on the floor and suitable for beginners.

Our professional instructors will teach you the fundamental movements and proper techniques of mat Pilates so you can effectively and safely enhance the way your body moves.

Our mat Pilates classes and courses place an emphasis on mindfulness, body-awareness and breathing, so you can become more aware of how you move your body on and off the mat to prevent injury.

We offer 6-week mat Pilates terms, beginners Pilates courses and casual Pilates classes.

If you would like a to book a private session, please contact us to arrange it.

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Perth Pilates Reviews

Absolutely love Lynda’s classes. She’s a great instructor with lots of knowledge about Pilates. Her classes are full of fun, and she is always there if you need help with any of the movements.


~ Kerrie

I moved to WA earlier this year from NSW and was thrilled to find such an enthusiastic teacher of Pilates in Lynda. I had been doing Pilates for about 3 years and was anxious to join a class when I moved. Lynda is so caring of her clients, carefully explaining and demonstrating the moves for newbies, and always such a happy, enthusiastic teacher. I look forward to the New Year and continuing my attendance at Lynda’s classes.


~ Julia

We have so much fun at Pilates with Lynda… she is so good at teaching how Pilates helps you through your normal day to day, how to breathe and how you can adapt it to yourself. By the way, the whole team is FABULOUS!!
Do something for you… book now!!


~ Jen

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