Satsang: Meetings in Truth Fremantle

Vishrant holds Satsang meetings in Fremantle, Western Australia on Thursday evenings. Discover the truth of who you are. All are welcome.
Satsang: Meetings in Truth Fremantle


Meetings in Truth is an invitation to discover your true nature beyond the mind and body.

Relax and let go while listening to Vishrant share his wisdom about the mind, life and the human condition.

Vishrant’s pragmatic approach and keen sense of humour bring illumination to many common and difficult issues in life. With greater clarity, we have the opportunity to discover and remove the obstacles that are in the way of happiness and freedom.

These meetings are known as Satsang, a Sanskrit word meaning ‘to be in the company of truth.’ Enjoy the expanded awareness and energetic presence which emanates from an enlightened person that can support you to find the stillness and silence within.

For many, a sense of peace arises during these meetings.

Entry is by donation. Please go to to donate. Your contribution is greatly appreciated and is put towards making these teachings available for those who seek Truth and Enlightenment.

If you cannot attend in person, you are also welcome to attend Meetings in Truth via Zoom. Register here:

For more information call 0438 831 883 or visit


Discover your true nature

Experience inner silence and stillness

Become more conscious of your mind

Gain clarity and insight

Find your path to enlightenment

Learn acceptance, let go and surrender


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The Meeting Place Community Centre
245 South Terrace, South Fremantle
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