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Meetings in Truth

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Wednesday – Thursday – Friday
7:20 pm – 8:30 pm AWST

What Does Satsang Mean?

Satsang means “to be in the company of Truth” or “gathering in Truth” and occurs when you are in the presence of someone who is aware of their true nature or awake.

Satsang is about going beyond the mind to discover the truth of who you really are, without thoughts, memories or future projections. It is an enquiry into that which is timeless and eternal, here and now.

The topics and questions often discussed in Satsang include:

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What am I beyond the ego, mind and body?

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Satori and Awakening to your True Nature

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Navigating the Dark Night of the Soul

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Practicing Openness & Acceptance

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The Search for Happiness & Peace

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Healing the Wounds of the Heart

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Living The Way of the Heart

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What is the Purpose of Life?

About Satsang with Vishrant

Satsang is an invitation to come home to your true nature. It is a process of removing all that is false and all that is in the way of you living as Truth. Meetings in Truth are Satsangs held by awakened teacher Vishrant.

The presence of an enlightened being is silent and still and can be used by seekers as a doorway to find the silence and stillness within themselves. The energy of Satsang offers a profound clarity that can help one observe the mechanics their own mind and to see and remove the obstacles to happiness, unconditional love and the truth of who they are.

Vishrant brings the teachings of Buddhism, Advaita Vedanta, Taoism and Sufism into the modern world, adapting them to lay seekers who must balance the spiritual quest with their worldly responsibilities. He guides seekers on a pragmatic, belief-free path towards becoming more conscious, knowing unconditional love and discovering themselves as the pure awareness of Beingness. All seekers of wisdom and truth are welcome.

Satsang in Perth:
Meetings in Truth with Vishrant

Meetings in Truth with Vishrant are held regularly for people who are interested in spiritual awakening, finding unconditional love, deepening their spiritual practice or searching for more meaning, purpose and happiness.

These Satsang Meetings in Perth begin with a 10-minute sound bowl meditation, inviting you to settle in and find the quiet within. These meetings typically start with some pre-submitted questions to Vishrant, followed by an open Q&A where all questions related to spirituality are welcome.

You are welcome to write questions to Vishrant in advance and send them to

Attendance Details

We suggest aiming to arrive by 7.10pm to give yourself enough time to find the venue, park, check-in and settle in for the meditation.

We encourage our guests to wear white or light-coloured clothing, if possible.


Attendance is by donation with a suggested donation of $20. All donations go towards making Vishrant’s Satsangs and teachings available for everyone.

We ask that if you have any cold or flu symptoms, please stay home to protect the health & wellbeing of others.

You can also attend online via Zoom, or watch the livestream on our Facebook page or YouTube channel.

Satsang Online Meetings

You can tune into Satsang online meetings from anywhere in the world via Zoom. Watch, ask questions & interact with Vishrant live.

These Satsangs are also streamed live on Vishrant’s Facebook and YouTube channels. Vishrant’s weekly webinar recordings are also uploaded once the live broadcast is over so you can watch them at your convenience.

Vishrant also holds 5 online retreats a year for seekers who would like to put aside the distractions of daily life and immerse themselves in Satsang for a 4 or 7 day period. Retreats are enlightenment intensives where one dedicates their time to spiritual development and finding the silence and stillness within. Learn more about online and in-person retreats below.

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Silent Satsang Retreats
Perth & Online

Silent Satsang retreats with Vishrant offer you a nourishing space where you can put aside the distractions of everyday living and dedicate yourself to consciousness growth and seeking the Truth that you are.

Vishrant holds 5 retreats per year in Perth, Western Australia, that are also available to join online, ranging from 4 to 7 days. Retreats are enlightenment intensives that involve practices of seeing through and challenging belief systems which keep us separate from our true self, as well as self-enquiry and meditation practices to guide one into beingness. There are up to 5 Satsangs each day while on retreat, with silence maintained in between Satsang sessions to support a deeper inner seeing.

During Satsang, there will be a variety of discourses and time to discuss and investigate your true nature. The in-depth dialogue, deep inquiry and silent contemplation during retreats can help bring about the clarity from which you can see layers of your own emotional and mental patterns, understand the source of your own suffering and reveal and remove obstacles to experiencing true freedom.

The insights gained from sitting in the presence of an awakened teacher combined with self-enquiry can also allow seekers to experience satori, a glimpse into the truth of who or what we really are.

Attendance Details

If you want to attend in person, please call us on 0438 831 883 or email us at

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