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Heart of Cacao : A Shamanic Voyage

Join us for an immersive journey with Heart of Cacao, exploring self-discovery and healing through sacred plant medicine and shamanic sound.

Sonic Immersion Sound Bath

Experience a sound bath at Restful Waters' Sonic Immersion. Let the calming frequencies of the instruments guide you to deep relaxation and inner stillness.

Sunset Sound Bath

Immerse in a tranquil sound bath experience at Restful Waters, surrounded by soothing sounds and a peaceful ambiance.

What is Sound Bath Healing?

Sound Healing uses the vibrational qualities of instruments to relax the mind and body. Sound Healing sessions are often called Sound Baths because during a session it can feel like you’re completely immersed and surrounded by deep, nourishing reverberations.

Our sound bath and sound healing sessions in the Perth Hills call upon different blends of crystal sound bowls, gongs, didgeridoo, guitar, song, chimes, and drums to dissolve your awareness into rhythmic melodies where the mind’s chatter does not exist and peaceful states can emerge.

Sound healing can be traced back 40,000 years to when indigenous Australians used didgeridoos for healing. Tibetan sound bowls have been used for at least 2,000 years to promote healing, meditative states, and relaxation.

The Benefits of Sound Bath Healing with Sound Bowls

There are many physical and mental benefits to be had from a sound healing with sound bowls including:


Reduced stress

Encourage relaxing brain wave states

Reduced stress

Increase feelings of spiritual wellbeing

Reduced stress

Reduce feelings of depression

Reduced stress

Reduce feelings of fatigue

Reduced stress

Reduce feelings of anger

Reduced stress

Reduce tension

Sound Bath Events

Restful Waters is the premier provider of sound bath events in Perth. We offer our signature event Sonic Immersion Sound Bath fortnightly on a Sunday, and an evening session monthly.

When you come for a Sonic Immersion Sound Bath, you are coming for a luxury sound experience. We provide padded cotton mats, blankets, pillows, bolsters and eye pillows that will be set up for your arrival, so you don’t need to bring a thing.

Did we mention that we have partnered with Perth’s best musicians for this event? You can be sure that a divine experience awaits you at this heart-opening event.

Upcoming Sound Healing Events

Sound Healing Meditation Classes

Restful Waters’ Sound Healing Meditation classes have been crafted to nourish your body and guide you into a place of rest within yourself. The frequencies and vibrations created by the blend of crystal singing bowls & Tibetan Sound Bowls, Chimes and rain sticks relax the nervous system and foster present moment awareness.

The sounds themselves help to produce changes in the body’s autonomic, immune and hormonal systems; this has been demonstrated in studies over the last few decades.

In directing your awareness towards the sounds and sensations being created freshly in each moment, you can feel your body tensions melt away, your mind slow down, and a quieter experience can often emerge, creating a sense of peace.

Join us for some self-care with a Sound Healing Meditation session.

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Sound Healing Perth Reviews

The teachers were amazing. They sounded outstanding and connected with us all so well. Todays session helped me centre myself and become grounded and I feel like I am where I am meant to be.


~ Doelle

Love, love, loved it! Isha + Luke were incredible together. I could not believe how amazing their voices were together and how they harmonised with the instruments. A very deep, earthly experience that allowed me to travel to all parts of the world. I particularly loved the digeridoo. I feel very lucky to have experienced this event.


~ Jackie

From the moment I walked into the venue I felt so peaceful and relaxed, and the lake views were breathtaking. I loved that everything was set up and I didn’t need to bring a thing. I enjoyed how the different sounds surrounded my body and smoothly transitioned from one sound to the next. These events are so important to my mental health.


~ Hannah

Beautiful atmosphere! The teacher was very calming. The sounds of nature coming from outside really added that something extra & peaceful


~ Kacie