Counselling Services in Perth

Counselling Services
in Perth

Restful Waters Counselling Therapy

Restful Waters provides counselling and therapy services to individuals, couples, families and organisations south of the river in Perth.

Our counsellors are professional, experienced and compassionate.

Confidential sessions with our counsellors support your emotional and mental health by showing you more effective ways to communicate, integrate and relate with the difficulties you may be facing in life.

Our lake-side centre in the rolling hills of Bedfordale is the perfect setting for you to relax, breathe out and have meaningful conversations.

Online Counselling Services

Support your mental health with convenient online counselling and therapy services.

In-Person Counselling Services

In-person counselling services from our gorgeous, lake-side federation style cottage.

Phone Counselling Services

Phone counselling services are great for FIFO workers and those with limited time.

How Our Counsellors Can Help

Our counsellors and therapists are very respectful and welcoming and will call upon a range of different methodologies to help you work through whatever challenges you may be facing.


Our counsellors can help you with:

Management of mental health concerns such as depression, stress and anxiety

Acute stressors such as job loss or the death of someone close

Abusive or unhealthy relationships

The stress of long-term illness

Traumatic incidents

Big life decisions

Eating disorders

Sexual abuse

Youth Counselling

Some of our counsellors are trained to help young people who may be struggling with low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, academic pressure, family conflict, bullying or eating disorders.

We highly value our youth and are committed to providing a friendly, non-threatening and safe space to help them explore themselves freely and openly. All of our youth counsellors have current working with children checks.

Group Counselling

We periodically run group counselling sessions.

Group counselling is an ideal place to discuss what is going on in your life with the combined insight, clarity and empathy of many people who have a variety of life experiences. These groups are facilitated by qualified counsellors at the centre.

It can be very validating to be a part of group therapy. The experience of group therapy is often like having a bunch of friends cheering you on to achieve what you really want and giving you alternative perspectives and opinions that may broaden and re-shape your world view.

Grief Counselling

You have probably experienced grief at some point in your life and at times it can feel very consuming and overwhelming. Grief can be experienced when we lose a family member, a relationship, a job or even a dream. Grief is a normal human response to loss. During times of hardship, grief counselling may allow you to get through the grieving experience without turning to, or developing, unhealthy coping mechanisms. The relationship we have with grief and the way we process it can make an enormous difference to our lives.

Make an appointment with one of our experienced grief counsellors if you need support processing a loss you’ve experienced.

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What Our Perth Counselling Clients Say

I reached out to the counsellors at Restful Waters at a time of inner turmoil, self-doubt and despair; when It seemed that several of life’s significant events were competing with each other to sink me. Over the following 12 months, Maitreya helped me find a degree of understanding, acceptance and self-knowledge that has put me back on track for a more whole and balanced life.

Straight away, I was reassured by the feeling that my difficulties were understood and accepted without judgement, and throughout my explorations, these offerings provided an example of the acceptance I needed to find in myself. Our meetings became a space where I could dwell safely with emotions and feelings I usually kept locked away, I began to put the recent past in perspective, and I was offered practical strategies for managing life situations that could otherwise tip me over the edge. Maitreya was clear that these sessions were led by me, and he guided me professionally, insightfully and sensitively on a journey towards openness and possibility.

The peaceful setting and spiritual life of the atmosphere at Restful Waters are integral elements to the experience. And there’s a sense of harmony between the counselling practice and other opportunities provided at the centre for spiritual growth and healing, whether we choose to join in with those or not. It’s a lovely place to be, and I’m really grateful to have found the right counselling experience just when I needed it.


~ Stephen

I am deeply grateful for Brooke who has been my counsellor at Restful Waters for the past year. Our fortnightly sessions have helped me navigate through a near-miss burn-out, friendship and relationship issues, conflicts at work and many of the small challenges of my daily life. Some days Brooke would give me very practical tips on how to communicate efficiently at work or deal wisely with bureaucratic issues. Some other days we would dive deep into the psyche, and I would get in touch with childhood trauma, repressed emotions and raw feelings, allowing healing to happen. One of the things I love the most is that every part of me is always welcomed unconditionally and I can talk about absolutely everything. Some sessions I came in very happy and buoyant and our conversation would help me to gain insights and clarity on how my mind operates, so I could become more conscious. On other occasions, I walked in as a mess, exhausted and in tears and that was warmly welcomed too. This warm acceptance that I found during our sessions has helped me a great deal to accept myself without judgement and become my own best friend. These counselling sessions are the best gift I ever bought to myself. Having the gentle guidance of a wise and experienced mentor so readily available, it’s priceless.


~ Ambar

I did both individual and couples counselling with Brooke for many years and I have never had a counsellor better than Brooke in terms of her ability to have profound insight into the cause of an issue and be able to speak to it with such precision.

Brooke is incredibly wise and provides life-changing psycho-education as part of her sessions.

Doing counselling with Brooke gave me a brand new understanding of myself and how I operate and also how I show up in relationship with my partner.

I feel like a new man after having worked with Brooke so closely for so long and I will always be grateful for her time and energy.

If anyone is considering doing counselling with a professional, you won’t find a better counsellor than Brooke!


~ Mat

Our Perth Counsellors

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