Sunset Sound Bath

Immerse in a tranquil sound bath experience at Restful Waters, surrounded by soothing sounds and a peaceful ambiance.
Sunset Sound Bath


You are invited to be blissfully immersed in an ocean of sound that guides you into deep rest & relaxation.

Allow the soothing soundscape of gongs, crystal singing bowls, rainsticks, gentle chimes and ocean drums to wash over you and ripple softly through your body.

Sound has been used for millennia to heal and guide people into different states of being. The instruments used in our Sonic Immersion have been carefully selected to produce frequencies conducive to relaxation.

Feel your whole body melt, your heart open and experience the stillness within yourself.

All-encompassing sound draws awareness into it, allowing the dissolution of the busy mind that often keeps us held in a state of tension.

Emerge feeling refreshed and renewed, connected to yourself and to the moment.

This sound bath will happen in candlelight in our modern studio. You need not bring anything at all. Cushions, blankets, bolsters, pillows and eye pillows will be freshly provided for your comfort.

Sunset Sound Bath takes place at lakeside avocado orchard Restful Waters, frequently said to be deeply calming and soothing by its guests.


Experience deep relaxation with soothing sound waves

Immerse in sound to melt away stress and tension

Connect deeply with self in a serene soundscape

Embrace heart-opening frequencies for emotional healing

Benefit from millennia-old sound healing practices

Refresh and renew your mind in tranquil ambiance


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Restful Waters
64 Canns Rd, Bedfordale
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