Urban Unburden: Half Day Yoga Retreat

Join our half-day yoga retreat to unplug and recharge. Experience meditation, yoga, and nature in Perth Hills. Embrace peace and mindfulness.
Urban Unburden: Half Day Yoga Retreat


We invite you to press pause on your life and join us for this half day yoga retreat to unplug, take rest, and re-charge away from your usual distractions.

The day includes meditation, yoga, mindfulness, nature and community, thoughtfully crafted to quieten the mind, bring awareness to the breath and stretch the body in a healing and nurturing way.

Best described as being one part chicken soup for the soul and one part physical therapy for the body, this half day retreat is designed to meet you where you are at.

All we ask is that you show up with an open mind and heart, be present, and allow for some magic to happen.


Quietens the mind for mental clarity

Enhances awareness and control of breath

Promotes deep relaxation and stress relief

Fosters mindfulness and present-moment awareness

Recharges energy levels away from daily stressors

Offers a nurturing space for personal growth


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Restful Waters
64 Canns Rd, Bedfordale
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