Kali Ledger


Restful Waters Practitioner:


A deep connection with the present moment, inner balance and clarity permeates Kali’s work as a counsellor. She specialises in relationship & personal development for individuals and couples. Through helping you develop a deeper understanding of your own inner workings, Kali can support you in leading a more balanced and meaningful life.

Kali started her career in the arts. After finishing her Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary Performance (ECU) in 2008, Kali completed her Graduate Diploma of Education in Secondary Dance & Drama at Edith Cowan University in 2009. She then fell in love with higher consciousness and transformational healing.

In 2018, Kali became a Yoga and Pilates teacher to actualise her passion for helping others to heal and achieve their goals for happiness and fulfillment. She also runs The Art of Self Nurturing retreats with Restful Waters where she guides her students into a deep connection with themselves.