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Restful Waters Practitioner:


Are you ready to make a massive impact on your business? Restful Waters’ Business Coach Paul Harrison has spent the last two decades founding and growing multi-million-dollar businesses and he wants to show you how he did it.

Paul is the owner and managing director of numerous businesses. His biggest companies QTM Traffic and Beaver, have over 200 employees combined and a $23 million p.a turnover. He now works 2 hours per week on those businesses.

Paul is a graduate of Curtin University’s School of Entrepreneurship and has been invited to deliver talks there many times. He has completed innumerable business and personal development workshops and courses.

Your consult with Paul will start with clarity; he will work with you to precisely map out what business results you want, what’s currently in the way of achieving them and identify what strategies, measures and mindset changes are required to meet your business goals.

In consult with Paul, you will learn how to:

  • Raise sales/profitability of your business by examining operational systems, communication styles and your core company values.
  • Create systems that motivate staff to perform and enhance company culture.
  • Effectively manage your time and resources to improve work-life balance.
  • Increase self-awareness to reduce the impact of personal limitations on your business.

Paul is perfectly qualified to hold you in a caring and supportive space. He holds a diploma in counselling from the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors and has been involved in 20+ years of personal development where he has looked very closely at the nature and mechanics of the mind. His thorough understanding of the mind allows him to quickly identify and correct any limiting beliefs you may be holding that also limit your business.

Create an intelligent business that relies on transparent systems, not the most valuable resource you have, your time.

To book a consult with Paul call 0418 229 662 or email us at


“Paul is showing me how to replace my management role with systems & staff so I can work less whilst profits increase.” – S. Hackshaw, Lawn Art Dirt & Grass


‘‘We have tripled both turnover and profits since we started consulting with Paul 12 months ago. The number of staff we have has doubled.” – S. Skipworth, Cater Central