Maitreya S


Restful Waters Practitioner:


Maitreya’s strong business background informs his counselling style to deliver an insightful, empowering and therapeutic approach towards his clients.

Having completed a Bachelor of Commerce in 2010 at UWA, Maitreya has worked in various roles in innovation tax incentives. He is a partner at a large, mid-tier accounting firm and works with clients from a number of different industries.

Maitreya’s interest in personal development has motivated him to participate in group psychotherapy work since 2015. This work has largely informed his outlook on taking responsibility and actively creating a healthy lifestyle.

He also practices meditation as a daily routine in order to slow down the mind and find peace and clarity. This clarity affords him the ability to see his own as well as others’ internal processes. His passion and curiosity for understanding and helping others has led him to complete his counselling training in 2017.

Maitreya is skilled in helping you deal with workplace stress and create healthy life habits. His disciplined methodology guides you into complete acceptance of the current situation and allows you to clearly see the root causes and take effective actions.

During his counselling sessions, Maitreya focuses on your direct experience in the present moment where the unconscious mind and its detrimental patterns can be seen. From this newly developed insight, you can then go back to your core values and begin to discover what you really want and how to achieve it.

An environment of trust and intimacy is created during Maitreya’s sessions. An empathetic approach is cultivated to make sure you feel fully supported and empowered.

Maitreya highly values connecting with people and helping them navigate through various life circumstances. He seeks to utilise his counselling skills to assist people to live a healthy, peaceful and fulfilled life.